High-Potency THC Cannabis Products Are NOT Medicine

Group of doctors reviewing data on harms of high-potency THC

High-Potency THC Limits? Doctors Warn 7 Reasons Why Federal Limits are Necessary

Infographic on high-potency THC


IASIC recommendations to limit high-potency THC


Link to the full article with citations: High-Potency THC Cannabis Products are NOT Medicine


Marijuana Candy: Poisoning and Lack of Protection for Children

IASIC recommends steps to protect children

7,043 children under the age 6 were exposed to cannabis in the United States between 2017-2021

Link to the full article: Marijuana Candy: Poisoning and Lack of Protection for Children


Wonder why cannabis public health risks outweigh its tax revenue?



Marijuana Health Risks: Don’t Miss These Top 5 Medical Resources

Doctors warn of the risks of cannabis

The extensive and growing research on the harms of cannabis use can be overwhelming. To help get you started, the doctors who volunteer for IASIC suggest the following top 5 medical resources on the health risks of marijuana (THC).


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